When resistance is in the way!

When blocks are the issue…

In the coaching space, it is up to us to co-develop a pathway forward for our clients.   In any client relationship, we should always know where we’re heading and what the desired outcome might look like.

Sometimes, however, no matter how hard we try and support our clients in moving forward towards that outcome, we are met with resistance.  They might have 101 reasons why that outcome might be difficult or impossible to achieve or that they would need more time than necessary.

If this is the case, then this is your issue to work on and the outcome in this instance, would be to move your client from resistance to possibility.

There is no point in working so hard with your client on an outcome that they do not fundamentally accept as they will never make the change.  In order to make any progress on the bigger goals, you first must work on removing the blocks.  What is it that is holding them back?  What do they fear in moving forward?  What’s really going on behind the pattern of saying the right things but not following through with the appropriate action steps to move forward?

Often, our greatest work is moving people from resistance to resilience.  It’s easy to miss this by staying focused on an ideal outcome, but one that your client is not yet ready for.    By focusing the blocks first, the bigger goals will flow.

If you would like to know more about identifying your client’s patterns of resistance, join us for Patterns of Behaviour, Part 1. Of our flagship programme, Decoding Your Clients Limits.

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