What shapes your decisions?

As complicated as we might like to think we are, most of our decisions and choices are based on meeting one or more of just six human needs.  Of these needs, we have a preference for a particular one, which we call our driving need.

That preference can make the difference on how we manage challenge, change and conflict.

If you’re driven by the need for Certainty, yet in an environment of constant change, you are more likely to suffer from anxiety.  Perhaps you’re driven by the need for Variety and working day in, day out with sameness and routine?  If so, you are more likely to break what is working.  If your driving need is for Significance and you constantly feel invisible, you are more likely to live with anger.  On the other hand, if you have a high need for Love & Connection and feel isolated most days, you will become depressed far quicker than most.

And finally, if any of these first four needs are out of balance on a regular basis, the last two human needs of Growth and Contribution will always elude you.

Human Needs Psychology is simple to understand, complex in how they work and give an instant insight into why we do what we do.  This model is perfect for use in relationships, whether personal or professional and it is the ultimate supervision tool.

If you are interested in taking a deeper look into Human Needs Psychology for team cohesiveness or effective supervision, then please take a look at our programme,Hot Spot Analysis. 

Jacqui Lane

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