Welcome to Dramatic Potential!

Right here is where you discover the real purpose of drama, why we create it, how we get stuck in it and how we rise above it into our dramatic potential.  Because no two people are the same, drama is and always will be, an intrinsic part of our relationships. No other person will think exactly as you do, have the same values as you do or behave in the same way you do.

What this means is that for as long as we live and work amongst people, we face challenge, change and conflict at some level, in almost every choice and decision we make. And that’s a good thing because the only way any of us can grow is by having new conversations, listening to new ideas and seeing new ways of solving old problems. But, it’s easy for our ego to hinder this process. And why wouldn’t it? We are human after all and we need to feel valued and connected.

There is, however, a curious phenomenon in human nature and that is, we will do more to avoid pain that we will to gain pleasure. This means that, for any one of a number of reasons, our vulnerability can sometimes feel threatened as we dig in, resist change, avoid challenge and use the drama of conflict to protect ourselves from feeling exposed. We get embroiled in the same arguments with the same problems with the same people and how we manage that will determine whether we get stuck or experience personal growth, the absence of which is the deepest and most fundamental reason many of feel persistently dissatisfied with life.

Drama teaches us who we are, every day. It teaches us our boundaries and limits whilst also giving us valuable insight in to the reasons why we do what we do. When we truly understand the patterns of drama, we have an instant insight in to the drivers behind how we think and behave, and even more than that, where we need to focus to evolve beyond our current boundaries.

Ultimately, the key is to learn how to rise above the more destructive patterns of drama and in to where the real drama matters – our Dramatic Potential. Only here, from the balcony of perspective, will we experience the kind of drama that will truly propel us forward, enable us to grow as human beings and take us beyond our limitations. This is where we experience real change, real challenge and real conflict, where we grow and evolve through the friction of constructive drama that holds the key to our potential.

Dramatic Potential works from the balcony of perspective ensuring that every challenge is  an opportunity for growth, and every relationship is an opportunity for transformational change.