Victoria Judge  CEO at Expert Agency

Jacqui Lane’s depth of knowledge and understanding of the human race is unmatched. Not only because of her significant training and experience in the fields of psychology, NLP, coaching, corporate training and mentoring – but because she has a unique gift that can’t be learned: a gift that allows her to connect with individuals and audience on a dramatic level. Simply put – she changes lives.

 Colin Boyd  Authority on High Performance Leadership
Jacqui is an incredible communicator with a powerful story and presence that truly has an impact. She is an expert in human behaviour and very effective at articulating methods to see real change in individuals and teams. I would describe her as insightful, compassionate and motivational. She truly is everything you want in a coach.

Leanne Johnson  SAP HR Consultant & Mindset Specialist
Jacqui is a special lady who connects effortlessly with clients, creating a special bond, assisting the client to find clarity and achieve the outcome they desire. I highly recommend Jacqui for your coaching, mentoring and training needs.

Mandy Powis  Powis Enterprises

Jacqui is a perceptive and compassionate woman, a great listener and extremely knowledgable in the area of human behaviour. Jacqui has overcome adversity in her own life and uses this life experience to help others deal with the drama in their lives. I thoroughly recommend Jacqui as someone who is committed to her clients and their needs and who gives above and beyond expectations

Sarah Danckert  Director of Mind vs Matter
Jacqui has the marvelous ability to create a place of trust, nuture and growth! Jacqui’s knowledge in what makes people tick is astounding. The use of this knowledge plus her trust in her instincts makes Jacqui an integral part of personal development. Jacqui has a very friendly, welcoming nature, projecting absolute trust and honesty.

Margaret Butler  Nurse Educator, St Vincents Hosptial, Sydney

I would like to formally thank you for speaking at the St Vincent’s Advanced Plastic Surgery Nurses workshop on Friday 22nd October 2010.  We were very privileged to have someone with your experience and expertise, and in particular with your background, to speak on the day.  You sent such a strong message to those attending, it was thought provoking and also very inspiring to listen too.   Your session and the program as a whole were evaluated very well.  It was great to see the core needs noted on the quiz and evaluation.