Decoding Resilience

Instant insight in to why we do what we do and what is missing during times of dis-ease


The ability to decode behaviour in an instant will set you apart from the rest

Human needs psychology is a uniquely effective intervention tool that is easy to understand, simple to work with and highly effective in its ability to  to get to the heart of human malaise, whether at home or at work.  The beauty of this model is that it really is a ‘one size fits all’.  No matter who your partner is, your children or your team, in understanding this model, you will have all you’ll need to decode the hotspots in the relationships you manage on a daily basis.

What you will get out of this:

  • Understand Human Needs Psychology
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of all 6 of our Human Needs
  • Appreciate how we use them unconsciously in every choice and decision we make
  • Learn how we all have a top core need which is our driving force
  • Insight in to how beliefs patterns are formed
  • Understand how fear plays an unconscious role in how we shape our beliefs
  • Insight into the hidden roles we play out when under pressure
  • Develop your ability to decode destructive/addictive behaviour through Human Needs Psychology
  • You will leave with all you need to go forward and use this model for effective intervention in any setting.

Wherever there is disharmony, there is also an extraordinary opportunity for growth Jacqui Lane

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