We create training experiences in Emotional Intelligence, taking people on a transformational journey of perspective in to why we do what we do and how to lead effectively through challenge, change and conflict.  Be inspired to even greater professional practice through any one of our innovative programmes.

We passionately believe that what is missing in an era of complex human values, beliefs and needs, is the art of transformational rather than transactional leadership.  We are now in an era where how we relate to each other matters more than ever before.  Now is the time when we must truly be connecting with people on a human level if we are to lead effectively through times where expectations continue to rise in ever-changing environments.   

Decoding Our Limits

(8 Days: 4 x 2 Day Trainings)

A transformational programme guaranteeing to revolutionise the way you lead self and others.

This is a highly dynamic and intensive programme.  An 8-day package encompassing all key attributes of human behaviour. No stone is left unturned as we decode every aspect of what it is to be human.  Graduates of this programme will have an in-depth insight into how and why we do what we do, how to read people, predict behaviour and maximize yours and their performance as you lead through challenge, change and conflict.


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Drivers, Dividers and Dramas

(4 Days: 2 x 2 Day Trainings)

A unique insight in to the real drives behind conflict, chaos and effective resolution.

This training takes a lively and highly insightful look at why people engage in conflict, stay in conflict and come to define themselves by conflict.  Solutions are scary and so we keep the problem.  Digging deep for the hidden motives of why people prefer problems to solutions, graduates of this 4-day programme will have all they need to decipher and defuse conflict in their more challenging relationships.


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Games We Play

(1 Day)

Name the hidden communication games and never be on the losing side again

This fun and insightful days training decodes the hidden roles and scripts being unconsciously played out in our everyday communications


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Hot Spot Analysis

(1 Day)

The quality of our success is proportionate to how we embrace change

This training offers those leading through challenge, change and conflict an intervention tool to get right to the heart of the issue before direction is lost.


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