Meaning Matters!

Meaning is everything.  Nothing in life has meaning until we attach meaning to it.  Every circumstance, situation and communication is simply what it is.  Not until we attach meaning, do we determine how we will experience it.

The possibilities for meaning are infinite (almost).  There’s a great story in Richard Branson’s autobiography whereby his Mum, and the woman he attributes much of his success to, stopped the car on the way home from a shopping trip and told the young 5 year old Richard, to make his own way home – around 3 miles through the countryside.  It was a punishment for causing mischief in the back seat but, she was also teaching him a bigger lesson in the art of survival in overcoming his disabling shyness and asking for directions.

He could of made the experience define him in debilitating terms – abandonment, fear of the unknown, a need to cling to safety and security….the list could go on.  Instead, and through the guiding influence of his Mother, he made it mean a tremendous lesson in the art of survival, digging deep for internal resources and finding a way through, no matter what.

When you’re up against it, ask yourself, what are you making this situation mean?  How has your past influenced your choice of meaning?  Is it now out of date?  What other choices for meaning are available that will support you in riding the challenges ahead?

Jacqui Lane

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