Fighting for Recognition?

Have you even wondered why some people need to be in perpetual conflict?  Even when it seems that resolution is within easy reach, the old patterns of tension and drama persist.

As outsiders, we try our best to offer solutions that will bring some harmony and are left perplexed when it seems they would rather do battle than put their weapons down for a moment and listen!

But here’s the thing.  Conflict helps those who feel invisible, have a voice.  A malaise of the human condition is that of feeling invisible, unworthy, unimportant.  Through conflict, we have an avenue to assert our importance and compensate for our feelings of not being enough.

A sense of recognition is vital for all of us and it is often the absence of which that is at the heart of conflict.  If you’re working with someone who seems to pick a lot of fights, dig deeper and help them re-connect. They are more likely to be feeling insignificant than argumentative.

Jacqui Lane

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