Decoding The Drama

Revolutionising leadership through challenge, change and conflict.


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What leads people to patterns of behaviour that limit their potential for choice? What’s really going on when change is resisted, challenge is avoided and conflict is often the most familiar way to connect? We wonder sometimes, how effective can we really be as leaders and professionals when people are so complex and behaviours so engrained.

90% of our success comes from our ability to effectively connect with and enter the worlds of others.  When we can do that, we have what we call, Behavioural Flexibility.  The one with the most behavioural flexibility will control the outcome of any conversation.  Decoding Our Limits is the ultimate leadership programme you will ever need to raise your Emotional Intelligence to transformational levels, giving you every tool, every understanding and every insight you will ever need to understand and influence human behaviour.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way you lead yourself and others, inspiring you to inspire others into reaching their full potential.

This is a highly dynamic and intensive programme. An 8-day package encompassing all key attributes of human behaviour. No stone is left unturned as we decode every aspect of people drama. Graduates of this course will leave with in-depth insight into how and why we do what we do, how to read people, predict behaviour and maximize yours and their performance as you lead through challenge, change and conflict.

Divided into to four key parts, this course has been designed for maximum flexibility. Each part is a 2-day stand-alone training and can be taken as individual courses or as the full course, spread over time.


What It Comprises

Part 1. Patterns of Behaviour 2 days
Part 1. Profiling Behaviour 2 days
Part 3. Predicting Behaviour 2 days
Part 4. Practice and Performance 2 days

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1. Patterns of Behaviour 






Only at the heart of the drama will you find the key to  unlock your potential

Behavioural patterns give us the greatest insight into how our clients see themselves. When we decode the patterns, we uncover the foundations of their belief systems, values and perspectives.  But it’s more than that. We get to translate the roles and scripts that have been handed down and which have now formed an unproductive repetition in how they, think, connect, communicate and generally manage their lives. At the heart of every destructive pattern of behaviour is fear. This course offers fundamental insight into how and where it all began and when worked with, gently loosens the map our clients have of themselves.

• A deep understanding of human nature.

• In-depth insight into how early life behavioural patterns are shaped into long term beliefs

• How to dismantle un-resourceful patterns making way for new and resourceful belief systems

• An appreciation of the relevance of fear in any process of change and growth and how to manage it

• Perceptive insight into the roles and scripts being played at unconscious levels and how you as a professional risk being drawn in to the games

• How to decode the games and transform the way your clients communicate.

• Minimise the drama in your clients in your clients life through education and awareness

• Transform the way they see themselves

Transformation occurs when existing solutions, assumed truths and past decisions are exposed as unrealistic and self-defeating’Peter Shepherd


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2. Profiling Behaviour








The person with the most behavioural flexibility will control the outcome

Some personalities clash, some gel and some don’t even recognize each other! One person’s strength is anothers weakness and it would not do if we were all the same! Understanding the four basic personality types means we can adapt, adjust and acclimatize our communication to great effect. Profiling can tell us all we need to know to appreciate character strengths and weaknesses ensuring that any solutions are a direct match and therefore sustainable. When you can read your clients personality type, you can speak in a language they understand and what you have to say starts to matter to them on a much deeper level.

This course will educate you above and beyond most profiling courses out there and more than that, we will give you every template and tool for you to profile who you like. Use this tool as part of building your client relationship and you will be amazed at the insights you will both discover!

• Become professional profilers of behaviour

• All the tools and templates to profile in DISC Analysis

• Match communication with your clients personality type

• Understand your own type and how to manage it in the professional relationship

• Save valuable time in fast-tracking your client on paths that fit his type

• Eliminate trial, error and frustration in what will work for your client

• Create trust and deep, lasting rapport

• Lead your client from heartfelt understanding of who they are

What we have to do… is to find a way to celebrate our diversity and debate our differences without fracturing our communitiesHilary Clinton


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3. Predicting Behaviour







90% of our success comes from our ability to effectively enter and connect with another person’s world

We all think differently with different drives and values, much of which is unconscious. All behaviour is adapted to serve on some level. What this means is, that no matter how dysfunctional the behavior appears to be, it will be supporting us somehow, somewhere.

How we think and how we meet our needs are all directly proportionate the amount of drama and chaos we attract in our lives. In this programme, we uncover the 6 human needs, which unconsciously drive all behaviour.

We then look at the 7 levels of thinking that exist in our society today and how they determine the very heart of why we do what we do. Between these two models, we examine how some behaviours become addictive and why some clients are unable to see a way forwards. A powerful 2 days, this course offers an explanatory and predictive power into how we can evolve our clients beyond their current limitations.

• Become an expert in predicting future behaviour

• Discover the motivational drives at the heart of your client

• Understand what makes them tick and how to motivate and inspire effortlessly

• Gain an in-depth understanding of how your clients think and what is important to them

• Know intuitively which moral compass your clients use when making decisions

• Become a master of influence for the greater good of your client

• Fine-tune your own intuition where you understand your client better than they do  themselves

• Get to the heart from the start of really matters to your client

We will act consistently with our view of who we truly are, whether that view is accurate or notTony Robbins


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4. Practice and Performance








When your thoughts become their actions

How we communicate is everything.

The level of positive response we elicit comes from our ability to communicate effectively. It has been said that in the space of great rapport, anything is possible.  Great rapport starts with the ability to listen closely to what people are not saying, reading non-verbal communication and lead with effective questioning.

This course will facilitate a depth of rapport profound enough to anyone’s current map of the world, enabling them to remain open to suggestion and change, eliminate confrontation and prepare them to stretch beyond their current limitations.

• Develop your own coaching skills and become the coach you already are

• Learn valuable questioning techniques

• Discover effective communication methods that keep your clients accountable throughout the relationship

• Reduce their dependency upon you through clever use of language patterns

• Adapt the language of change into the core of how you work

• Create deep rapport with your clients from the outset

• Learn how to calibrate and challenge your client without giving rise to conflict

• Become Masters at managing your own state, thus remaining on top of the game – theirs and yours!

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leaderJohn Quincy Adams

Each programme comes with its own manual, containing all the tools, templates and teachings. As a graduate of this programme, you will also have access to our online Members Forum, a unique community for all front-line professionals to share, serve and support each other.

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