Decoding Resistance

The quality of our success is proportionate to how we embrace change


Investment:  1-day training  £95.00

To lead is to have a clear vision of the way forwards and the ability to inspire others to get to the destination.

The skill of developing and coaching people through challenge, change and conflict is an intrinsic part of effective leadership. Often, the default position is to resist change. The real danger is that this escalates into something much bigger than the change itself.

Resistance takes over as the central focus whilst the key element of inspirational leadership is lost. This one day course offers all those concerned with leading others through change, a set of valuable insights, tools and interventions when managing the process of change, maintaining control how change is managed through to successful fruition.

What you will get out of this:

• Develop your leadership skills.

• Develop your coaching abilities.

• Lean 2 valuable and innovative models in understanding change.

• How to regain leadership control of a situation.

• Maintain rapport through challenging times.

• Inspire others to trust in the process.

• Keep people engaged and on track.

• Deepen your levels of EQ in what makes people tick.

Wherever there is disharmony, there is also an extraordinary opportunity for growth Jacqui Lane


A workbook to complement learning, which contains: course contents, a range of

relevant exercises, a diary to reflect and reinforce learning, links to Dramatic Potential’s follow-up services and, most importantly, providing a means to evaluate professional practice.

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