Fighting for Recognition?

Have you even wondered why some people need to be in perpetual conflict?  Even when it seems that resolution is within easy reach, the old patterns of tension and drama persist. As outsiders, we try our best to offer solutions that will bring some harmony and are left perplexed when it seems they would rather […]

Trust or Vulnerability?

The concept of trust is an interesting one.  To have trust in your value set, whether in your personal or professional relationships, would suggest an undercurrent of mistrust – I must have trust in my relationships (because I am fearful of trust being broken).  If any relationship is to work, trust should be a given. […]

Meaning Matters!

Meaning is everything.  Nothing in life has meaning until we attach meaning to it.  Every circumstance, situation and communication is simply what it is.  Not until we attach meaning, do we determine how we will experience it. The possibilities for meaning are infinite (almost).  There’s a great story in Richard Branson’s autobiography whereby his Mum, […]

What shapes your decisions?

As complicated as we might like to think we are, most of our decisions and choices are based on meeting one or more of just six human needs.  Of these needs, we have a preference for a particular one, which we call our driving need. That preference can make the difference on how we manage […]

When resistance is in the way!

When blocks are the issue… In the coaching space, it is up to us to co-develop a pathway forward for our clients.   In any client relationship, we should always know where we’re heading and what the desired outcome might look like. Sometimes, however, no matter how hard we try and support our clients in moving […]

Why poeple clash!

When personalities clash! Henry Ford once said: ‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success’. How much of your day is spent managing the Drama of other people?  Effective people management is 90% of success.  The good news is that there is a science to it! Essentially, there are four […]

Moving forward

Where focus goes, energy flows… Moving people forwards is often a challenge as most of us are more eloquent in stating what we don’t want rather than what we do!  In fact, when asked the direct question, ‘so what do you want from this’, the frequent answer is ‘well, I don’t want this, and I […]

Questions for Change

Leading clients towards a more productive life can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle.  We don’t like change and for the most part, resist it.   Procrastination, avoidance and distraction are firm friends of those who resist intervention. Oftentimes, clients are living in the here and now, using the past as a convenient reference point to […]

Solutions are scary, so we keep the problem!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, no matter how good your advice and counsel is, some people seem to have an investment in staying in the old patterns of continuous drama, arguing and remaining in conflict about the same things time after time. As an outsider, the solutions often seem so simple!  Yet it would […]

Ego – A Force To Reckon With!

Most of know what we are doing at any given time, just not why we are doing it! Have you ever wondered how the way you think can be so dramatically different to others? Why is it that some relationships flourish and others don’t? At any given time, we have around 2 million bits of […]